SPN ReverseBang 2016

For this years Supernatural Reversebang one of my submissions was picked up by the wonderful destimushi I've had so much fun working with her and doing additional pieces for her amazing story. Be sure to read it here.

You can view larger versions of all the illustrations on my Tumblr. I highly recommend viewing the full size, especially for PastPresent.

All pieces has been done in the iPad apps Procreate and Inkpad.

Domo Arigato, the original prompt

Header for the story


Hope you enjoy the story!

You can also find me on Tumblr and Ao3

DCBB16 Across the Stars

This was my first time participating in deancasbigbang and this is the second story I've done art for.

When I read dearcollectress and impalamutineers original summary I was hooked and I just knew I wanted to do art for this amazing story.

Unfortunately time hasn't allowed me to do everything I wanted to make for this epic space opera, but I'm planning on rectifying that later.

Read the story here

You can view larger versions of all the illustrations on my Tumblr. I highly recommend viewing the full size, especially for the posters because a lot of details are lost when resizing the files

All pieces has been done in the iPad apps Procreate and Inkpad.

You can also find me on Ao3

DCBB2016 The Moonlighter and the Magician

This is the first time I've participated in DeanCasBigBang

This is the first of two stories I've had the pleasure of illustrating.

I was lucky enough to pick up the amazing 'The Moonlighter and the Magician', a story by almaasi.
I've had a blast working with her and these are the results of our collaboration.

You can read the story here
The art can also be viewed on Ao3 and Tumblr

All of the illustrations have been done on an iPad in the drawing app Procreate.

The images contain spoilers for the story.

LiveJournal master post

Destiel Reversebang 2016

My second submission for Destiel Reversebang 2016.

When I saw the username that had claimed my Ad Interim prompt I thought it looked familiar, but I'm rubbish at remembering names so I googled it.

When I saw emwebb17's dashboard and read the titles, I might have squealed in excitement. Emwebb17 is one of my favorite writers and if you haven't read her work you are missing out.

She quickly sent me an outline for the story she wanted to write and I got inspired to do more art just from that. Art has a very prominent role in the story and I wanted the pieces to reflect that. So I kept to the theme of art in all my paintings including the headers.

I have to say I'm absolutely in love with the story emwebb17 wrote and quite frankly in awe of having such a wonderful story be inspired by something I did. Be sure to read it on AO3.

The original prompt.

"Ad Interim", done with graphite, watercolor, acrylic and color pencil on paper.

Ad interim is Latin phrase and according to Wikipedia means "in the time between", meaning "in the meantime" or "temporarily".

I had at this point started using the Procreate drawing app and decided to do the additional artworks on the iPad.
I decided to do a new version of the painting in the original prompt, taking in to consideration emwbb17's story.

All the pieces are done in Procreate.
(The pieces contain spoilers for the story)

"The Viridoctrin General"

"First meeting"

"Empty room"

"The Devil in Purgatory"

"The Marriage of the Painter and the Soldier"

I wanted to do quite elaborate headers that reflected the story while continuing on the overall theme of art.
I've always loved seeing sketches and wip's from other artists, in many ways I find them more interesting than the finished pieces. This led me to doing sort of a sketchbook journal from Castiels point of view in the headers. The only ones that deviate from this format is the main story header and the epilogue header.

The type of brush depicted in the story header is a sword brush. I thought the name reflected nicely to the storyline and in addition there's an old Chinese saying that states that the paintbrush is the sharpest weapon on earth, which I found fitting for this story.

Thank you for checking out my work, and be sure to read emwebb17's story.

If you want to see more, I've posted some Procreate progress videos and wip shots on Tumblr. You can also find me on AO3.


Destiel Reversebang 2016

The original prompt and additional artwork for the first of two submissions for Destiel Reversebang 2016.

"Kings of Heart" (original)

Graphite, color pencil, watercolor on paper

I had the pleasure of having my artwork chosen by casual_distance for the first, and hopefully annual, Destiel Reversebang.

You can read the story on AO3.

I decided to add som color to the original using the Ipad app Procreate.

Dean's side

Cas' side

The flower with Dean is red chrysanthemum, which mean 'I love' in the flower language. Cas' flower is almond blossom that mean 'Hope'.

Casual_distance used the flower language in the story inspired by this and I decided to make portraits of the characters and their accompanying flowers.

All the portraits are done in Procreate.

"I Love"






Header for the story, also done in Procreate.

Hope you like it and be sure to read the story by casual_distance.

You can see the artwork on Tumblr or AO3 too.


Supernatural Reversebang 2015
My second entry to Supernatural Reversebang 2015.

Be sure to check out the wonderful story ivycole wrote based on this. You can read it on AO3 or LJ.

My original prompt.

"I Alone"
Pencil, acrylics, color pencil and white gel pen on paper.

Header made for the story

Made in the app Procreate on iPad.

Pencil drawing colored in Procreate.

Pencil, acrylics, color pencil and further coloring in Procreate.

And finally a revised version of my original prompt using Procreate.

If you want to you can stop by AO3 and check out the illustrations there or my Tumblr for additional sketches and wip pics.

Hope you like!:o)

Supernatural Reverse Bang 2015
Participated in SPN Reverse Bang for the first time and here are the links to see the art work I did.

My art work on AO3

Tumblr for sketches and wip shots

And finally read the wonderful story by cptnbunnicula on AO3


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